Just Say Zone: NJ Municipal Guide to Adult Use Cannabis

With legal adult use cannabis now a reality in New Jersey, this session will identify economic and redevelopment opportunities while educating municipal officials on what they need to do in order to capture it. While the newly adopted adult use cannabis regulations have yet to be solidified through the rule making process, legislation does provide insights as to how the planning and development community can begin to prepare for the where and how to locate cannabis facilities. With the social justice and inclusionary requirements of the legislation, how might this translate to on the ground opportunities? The panel will also look at lessons learned from within the NJ Medical expansion efforts as well as other states, with a spotlight on Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

  • The Honorable Janice Kovach – President League of Municipalities, Mayor of Clinton
  • Chuck Latini Jr, AICP, PP – President, APA New Jersey; Principal, InFIELD Cannabis Group; Cannabis Advisory Group
  • Heather Kumer – Cannabis Practice Prime Tuvel Law
  • Christopher Rembold, AICP – Town Manager/Director of Planning, Great Barrington, MA
  • Jacqueline Ferraro – Founding Director, Cannabis Advisory Group

Video Recording and Presentations

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for our APA New Jersey webinar on March 31. A Youtube video has been posted for those who were unable to attend live in addition to two presentations that were shared during the event.