Latest Past Events

Food + Freight in Metropolitan Areas

Online Webcast

Leveraging research and practitioner perspectives, this presentation will discuss the interdependent relationship between freight movements and land use in metropolitan areas. The presenters will share their experiences researching and planning for freight movements with a focus on food supply chains.

Thinking Bigger (and Smarter): Climate, Money and Beyond

Online Webcast

Systems are all connected - from the built infrastructure to the communities and places that serve as context. A movement is underway to green the whole picture, as exampled by taking renewables from being a niche sector to being strategic part of the whole picture. New Federal funding is leading with new potentially game changing investments. How do we ramp up spending on climate change and embed climate ready tech to scale to transform the effects of climate and center equity? Who are the actors and tools that can make a difference and are meeting the challenge? What are the inflection points and how can planners help lead that innovation? These are questions that will be tackled in this session. Learn to facilitate a stronger and more equitable innovation ecosystem and unlock the full potential of climate solutions to drive the massive transformation needed to build resilience to climate change.

Uncovering Resiliency and Equity in Disaster Recovery

Online Webcast

This webinar will highlight new planning methods that OAPA CAPP teams have undertaken in partnership with the counties’ leadership, disaster recovery coordinators, and public health and planning professionals. The panel will share lessons learned - the good and the unsuccessful - in trying to serve displaced survivors who have a historic distrust of systems, the structural challenges with meeting the needs of often-overlooked community members, and glimmers of hope for a resilient and equitable recovery.