APA-NJ established a Housing Committee in 2007 to implement the National APA “Policy Guide on Housing” – – and to keep our membership informed in a rapidly evolving housing environment.

The Chapter’s Executive Committee charged the Housing Committee with a mandate to 1)  Advocate for housing and planning policies, programs, practices and regulations that address the evolving needs of New Jersey’s increasingly diverse and growing population 2) Monitor legislative and regulatory proposals in order to inform the Chapter’s membership on a timely basis   3)  Serve as a resource to the New Jersey Legislature, public agencies and the Chapter by providing information, professional guidance and, when appropriate, public testimony, and 4) Assist the Chapter with educational forums, articles and professional development offerings.

Comments/Questions?  Contact the APA-NJ Housing Committee Chair, Vito Gallo

Supreme Court Affirms that Governor Lacks Authority to Abolish COAH

posted on July 11th, 2013 in Committees, Housing, News

In rejecting the Christie Administration’s argument that the Governor had the power to abolish the Council on Affordable Housing (COAH) under the “Executive Reorganization Act,” the Court not only affirmed an Appellate Court decision that had invalidated the Governor’s reorganization plan but also appeared to invite the Governor and the Legislature to cooperate in the passage and enactment of COAH Reform.

Member Advisory: Affordable Housing Trust Funds

posted on June 19th, 2012 in Committees, Housing, News

The New Jersey Legislature has a clear path through the ongoing confusion concerning the status of COAH and the present uncertainty about the definition of “committing-to-expend” Affordable Housing Trust Funds: passage of A-2950 and S-2011 – to provide for a two year extension of the July 17th deadline.

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