The Redevelopment Committee addresses important planning issues and policies significantly impacting regional, county and local agencies, the planning profession and the general public.

Professional Planners and planning students who participate in this committee are interested in sharing their experiences and perceptions of local and statewide redevelopment planning practices. These discussions serve as foundations to recommend or develop more efficient and practical protocols needed to effectively monitor and implement sound redevelopment planning practices throughout the state.

Additionally, the Redevelopment Committee:

  1. Assumes advocacy positions on issues that support equitable redevelopment planning practices in the State of NJ;
  2. Identifies and provides solutions to common policy & implementation challenges faced by professional planners and redevelopment agencies;
  3. Educates government and non-government officials, planning professionals and the general public about projects and legislation that promote and/or impact redevelopment planning practices; and
  4. Works with the APA-NJ Legislative committee, on an ongoing basis, to inform and provide insights on redevelopment planning related policy matters.

Finally, Redevelopment Planning Committee members host and participate in programs, workshops and meetings that support the fundamental goals and objectives of redevelopment planning.

Comments/Questions?  Contact the APA-NJ Redevelopment Committee Chair, Michele Delisfort


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