Community Service

The Great Recession and its aftermath have created lingering economic hardship for significant numbers of New Jerseyans. Nearly two million of our State’s residents now live in or at the brink of poverty, while countless others deal with extended unemployment, pay cuts, or reduced work hours. Even as Trenton and Washington look to slash government services, the safety-net programs and services are increasingly strained. In response, APA-NJ has launched its Community Service initiative to accomplish the following objectives:

• Create opportunities for our membership to contribute time and effort to volunteerism and philanthropy.

• Encourage and acknowledge volunteerism by individual members through newsletter articles, website postings, and other media.

• Work in alliance with other professional organizations pursuing volunteerism and philanthropy.

• Coordinate a response, where appropriate, to those pro-bono planning needs identified by AICP through its Community Planning Team initiative that provides assistance to communities in need.

Comments/Questions?  Contact APA-NJ Community Service Coordinator, Linda Wills

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