Vision Plan for the 22nd Street Hudson Bergen Light Rail Station Neighborhood (Bayonne)

A team of volunteers worked with the City’s Planning Department to create a stakeholder driven, broad brush vision plan for the 22nd Street Hudson Bergen Light Rail Transit Station (HBLRT) Neighborhood – one that provides general direction for the City’s upcoming area redevelopment plan. The goal of the City of Bayonne’s municipal government is to encourage more transit oriented developments in this neighborhood. The CPAP volunteer team: reviewed previous planning efforts in the neighborhood; observed existing land uses and conditions; and, assessed community assets, constraints and opportunities. The CPAP volunteer team then met with a stakeholder group assembled by the City for the purposes of discussing their views on the neighborhood’s assets, constraints, challenges, and opportunities. The Vision Plan included several vision statements that articulated that articulated the stakeholders’ desires for the future of this neighborhood.

Final Report