South Ironbound Resiliency Action Plan (Newark)

The Ironbound Community Corporation invited the APA-NJ CPAP program to support their efforts to create a South Ironbound Resiliency Plan. The plan was developed for a portion of the Ironbound community called South Ironbound. The area includes residential, commercial, and industrial properties, and suffers from an array of issues that have been identified by the community, including:

  • Flooding due to sewer back-up, regular rain events, and storm surge 
  • Extreme weather impacts
  • Air quality concerns, due to the high volume of trucks, the proximity of the Port of Newark, Newark Liberty Airport, and nearby industry throughout the neighborhood and located on Dormers Avenue, known by residents as “Chemical Corridor”
  • Vacant and abandoned lots and buildings, some of them contaminated or suspected of being contaminated 
  • Littering and illegal dumping
  • Possible cancer clusters 
  • Truck congestion causing numerous public health and safety problems
  • Pedestrian Safety,
  • Crime
  • Lack of recreational space and activities
  • Lack of emergency and disaster preparedness or response

CPAP Team Members:

  • Tim Van Epp, AICP, PP, CPAP Team Leader and Sustainability Planner
  • Chace Cottrell, AICP, CPAP Emergency Planner
  • Mike Duffy, CPAP Microgrids Specialist
  • Jennifer Gonzalez, AICP, LEED GA, CPAP Green Infrastructure Planner
  • Gail Lala, CPAP Grants Specialist
  • Carol Mendez, CPAP Brownfields Specialist
  • Zenon Tech-Czarney, CPAP Planner/Urban Designer
  • Adam Zellner, CPAP Finance and Government Relations Specialist

Final Report