City Planning In Schools

CPAP volunteers have initiated and run several efforts to introduce Newark public school students to the basic of city planning and how it can lead to positive changes in their neighborhoods. A major goal was to train students in assessing the strengths and weaknesses in their communities and the appropriate process for creating changes in their neighborhoods. The students have been in elementary and middle schools in Newark’s North Ward and South Ward. The programs have reached just under 350 students. The classes have included lectures by Chapter volunteers and training in some basic skills such as creating presentations, developing and explaining ideas for redeveloping parcels in their neighborhoods, public speaking basics, and the use of software for designing buildings. Topics have included land use, neighborhood evaluations, the history of Newark, and pedestrian issues, and environmental issues. These classes have been done in collaboration with Citizen Schools, the Center for Community Planning, the Newark Public Schools, and the Foundation for Newark’s Future.

Clinton Square (Park)
Presented By: Josephine Arewa, Nysira Welch and Keelyn McCoy

Corner Stop
Presented By: Shane’h Patterson 

Cultural Restaurant
Presented By: Anniyah Cobbs, Kayla Huggins, Lamanda Lee and Jazmine Villegas

Jungle Hill
Presented By: Oluwasegun Dada, Alsamir Greene, Jessica Valerio and Charles Owens 

Presented By: Elisha, Aaron, Najee and Morad