Are you an expert in the field of environmental planning or transportation planning? If you are, be the first among your peers to earn a unique credential that marks your expertise: AICP Certified Environmental Planner (CEP) or AICP Certified Transportation Planner (CTP).

 These credentials also recognize how the planning profession has evolved during the past several decades into various sub-specialties, much like the medical profession’s division into specializations as medical knowledge and expertise expanded over time. AICP’s advanced credentials underscore the profession’s comprehensive perspective and point of view.

 The rigorous advanced certification examination has been developed by experts in the transportation and environmental planning fields. For transportation and environmental planners who have the knowledge, experience, and commitment to be leaders in their chosen specializations, advanced certification will acknowledge your career achievements and advanced knowledge and expertise. The CTP and

CEP designations can assist you in preparing for new job responsibilities, a new position, or other opportunities that can lead to higher income. They also show your commitment to continuous learning through AICP’s Certification Maintenance requirements.

Visit the APA website for information about ASC that includes eligibility criteria, application instructions, an Exam Candidate Bulletin, a suggested reading list to help you prepare for either the AICP CEP or AICP CTP exam, and testimonials from some of the experts who helped APA develop the criteria and exams for both credentials. Also, sign up to receive e-mail alerts from APA about Advanced Specialty Certification in the months ahead.

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