Certification Maintenance


On April 13, 2007, the AICP Commission approved a plan for Certification Maintenance (CM) which includes requirements for continuing education for certified planners. Please read the program description at http://www.planning.org/cm/.

All AICP certified planners are required to complete 32 credit hours of training per two-year period. All credits must be received from APA-registered providers. Providers register at http://www.planning.org/cm/activities/index.htm.

Since the programs inception, APA-NJ has worked hard to provide affordable (and useful) opportunities for its members. APA-NJ will continue to improve its programming and will also continue pursuit of co-sponsorship opportunities with outside organizations that will lead to even more CM credits being offered. As an additional point of interest, we are also working on our Distance Education library that allows us to loan cd-roms for groups and individuals to share for little to no cost for our members!

Here are a few things APA has done to make it easier for you to fulfill your CM requirements:

  • A new self-reporting tool was launched that enables members to record up to eight credits within each two-year reporting period for activities that meet CM criteria but aren’t registered by a provider. Add self-reported credits to your log now.
  • Distance education products have been added. Opportunities are added as they become available, so please check back frequently for the most current information. And,
  • You will be able to claim credits for writing journal articles and for speaking and instructing engagements.

Logging-in Credits

If you haven’t done so, make sure you log-on and enter the courses you’ve taken…

Please visit the CM Maintenance section of the APA website to claim your credits. You may use the following steps.

  1. Login using your APA ID# and password
  2. Select “My CM log”
  3. Select “Add Credits”
  4. Under Browse, click on the appropriate option and use the search box to locate the activity you are seeking by typing the title of the activity
  5. To select, click on the name of the activity and pop up box will appear
  6. Please rate, add a comment (optional), and click on the Ethics statement and answer, before hitting SUBMIT

For assistance with your log, please sent all inquiries to AICPCM@planning.org