State & Regional Planning

The State and Regional Planning Committee helps direct APA-NJ efforts in influencing public policy to meet those concerns raised by the needs of the state, along with addressing the challenges of sustainability and equity. The committee’s vetting of issues, analysis, and decisions are intended to shape APA-NJ policies that can then be utilized to influence federal and state legislation, which may potentially provide financial assistance and incentives to reassess planning statutes, update them, and then to embark on meaningful implementation in partnership with the state’s municipalities. As an integral part of APA-NJ’s efforts, the committee will continue the Chapter’s pursuit in building partnerships with allied organizations and the private sector in order to help shift the negative effects of the current predominant pattern toward positive value-added development and redevelopment policies. Focusing on a regional approach to growth, the aim will be to advocate for new policies that will lead to well-designed communities locally that add economic value to the region, thus positively affecting our nation’s economy. Through this effort, APA-NJ is seeking to empower its membership to participate in important educational and informational efforts with elected officials and policy makers, constituents, and the public-at-large that will be necessary to build support for a more sustainable economic game plan.

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