Serving Mercer, Middlesex & Monmouth Counties


Message from your Central Area Rep., Paul Gleitz, PP, AICP
Stretching from the Capital to the Jersey Shore, Central Jersey is in many ways the heart of New Jersey and a microcosm of the entire State. Planners who practice in the area work in rural villages and urban cities, requiring knowledge of farmland preservation techniques and redevelopment law. The region is in the midst of a major military base decommissioning, the location of major court battles over the meaning of redevelopment, part of the discussion concerning the future of UEZ programs, and one of the areas trying to balance public access to the beaches with municipal priorities and local control.

As your Central Area Representative, I will do my best to bring this perspective to the discussions at the Executive Committee. As a planner in private practice, I will also try and bring the business and customer service side of our work into our discussions and conference agendas. I have been working on developing a workshop at Fort Monmouth focused on many planning issues related to a major military base decommissioning. I hope to have this program available soon.

Please feel free to contact me with any ideas for programs or concerns about the presence of APA-NJ in our area. I look forward to hearing from you and working to provide access to the expertise and experience available to us in the region.



Please check back soon.

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