Senior Planner (NJ Farmland Preservation Program)

Under the direction of the SADC’s Planning manager, analyses individual farm preservation applications consistency with NJDEP regulations, Highlands and Pinelands special area regulations, municipal and county comprehensive farmland preservation plans and other municipal, county and state planning initiatives. Provides reports detailing the consistency of, or conflicts with, these various planning initiatives.

Advises municipalities pursuing Transfer of Development Rights (TDR) programs. Assistance is provided in the preparation and adoption of the Development Transfer Plan and other required municipal master plan elements, associated documents and ordinances.

Supports, prepares reports, data and analyses in support of the actions of the NJ State Transfer of Development Rights Bank Board as required pursuant to NJSA 4:1C-49 et.seq.

Performs complex geographic analysis for planning projects using GIS software, reviews municipal and county comprehensive farmland preservation plans for consistency with State Agriculture Development Committee (SADC) Guidelines, the 2006 Agricultural Smart Growth Plan for New Jersey, the Planning Incentive Grant (PIG) statute (NJSA 4:1C-43.1) and New Jersey Department of Agriculture (NJDA) Guidelines for Plan Endorsement under the State Development and Redevelopment Plan. Provides consultant planners and municipal and county administrators advice and information on aspects of plan development and implementation. Provides, in conjunction with the Planning Manager and Executive Director, staff recommendation to the SADC for Committee approval.

Prepare reports containing findings, conclusions, and recommendations concerning agricultural resource management, environmental or land use management programs to inform agency management and other government agencies and individuals. Is skilled in preparing meaningful and accurate reports and proposals. Has knowledge and skills to efficiently utilize Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Oracle Database and other programs utilized by the SADC to create letters, spreadsheets, reports, and presentations. Keeps all database and project tracking spreadsheets updated at all times.

Advises county agriculture development boards (CADBs), municipal agricultural advisory committees (AACs), farmland preservation program administrators, and their consulting planners regarding local strategies for farmland preservation program implementation in coordination with other state and local planning initiatives.

Assists Planning Manager with the administration of the Municipal and County PIG annual application process. This includes correspondence with the 46 municipal and 18 county PIG participants, application review and evaluation, recording of PIG program data and staff recommendation to the SADC. Acquires, creates, and maintains Geographic Information System (GIS) data related to the PIG program.

Advises CADBs in the delineation of Agriculture Development Areas (ADAs), reviews ADA amendment requests, and provides recommendations to the Executive Director or Planning Manager.

Speaks at public meetings and conferences as a technical resource on, and promoter of, TDR, farmland preservation, agricultural retention and conservation planning techniques.

Manages the State TDR Bank’s Planning Assistance Grant program which includes coordination with municipal and county officials and their planning consultants, application review and evaluation, staff recommendation to the State TDR Bank Board, coordination with the fiscal manager on grant funding and oversight during grant duration.

Maintains digital and physical files using SADC protocol and conventions. Maintains very well-organized workstation which allows management or other staff members to easily find files and documents without assistance. Ensures proper filing of correspondence in the appropriate electronic and hard copy files. Maintains only appropriate documentation in files. Physical files and digital documentation found on the SADC shared drives and SharePoint site are easily navigated, use appropriate naming conventions and purged of unnecessary documents as per the SADC record retention schedule.


EDUCATION: Graduation from an accredited college or university with a Bachelor’s degree including or supplemented by 21 semester hour credits in professional planning subjects such as the principles of land use planning, history of city planning, planning project design, and planning law and administration.

EXPERIENCE: Two (2) years of experience in municipal, county, regional, or state planning. Possession of a current and valid license as a professional planner in New Jersey issued by the New Jersey Board of Professional Planners may be substituted for the educational requirement. Possession of a Master’s degree in Planning from an accredited college or university may be substituted for one (1) year of indicated experience.

How to Apply

This is an informal announcement for an upcoming job which will be formally posted through the New Jersey Civil Service Commission on a date to be determined. Persons interested in receiving information and notifications regarding this position should send a request and resume to Heidi Winzinger, SADC Communication and Resource Manager

Deadline – 01/20/2020