Regional Farmland Preservation Coordinator ( NJ Dept. of Agriculture)

The SADC/NJ Farmland Preservation Program has an opening posted on the Civil Service website for an Agricultural Resource Specialist 3 (ARS3). Candidates must apply through the Civil Service to be considered, and the application period closes on September 21, 2023.

The ARS3 is an entry-level title with a salary range of $50,737.29 – $71,553.48 Per Year. It requires one (1) year of experience reviewing, developing, implementing, and maintaining agricultural, environmental, or land use management programs in the private or public sector. Candidates should ensure their resumes and applications address this question directly and thoroughly.

The SADC utilizes the ARS series of titles (ARS1,2 &3) to fill various positions, including “Acquisition,” focused on managing farmland preservation applications directly with farm owners and our County, Municipal, and Nonprofit partners, “Stewardship” for positions related to the protection and monitoring of preserved farms, and “Agricultural Development” geared towards supporting preserved farmland owners through conservation and agricultural assistance and grants.

Although this ARS3 opening is focused on finding candidates for the Acquisition team, we encourage anyone interested in working for the Farmland Preservation program in any capacity related to Acquisition, Stewardship, or Agricultural Development now or in the near future to apply and get their names on the approved ARS3 title “list.” This is very important because if any jobs come up in the next three years using the ARS3 title, the SADC or any other division using this title must look to the existing ARS3 “list.” If three or more interested candidates are on the list already, the division must hire from that list. So if a job comes up next year using the ARS3 title and somebody who is not on this list is interested, they may not even be able to apply for the job as the list will be closed to new applicants if there are 3 or more existing candidates.

How to Apply

Link to the New Jersey Department of Agriculture Job Announcements:

Link to the Civil Service General Announcement Page. This ARS3 job is listed under “Open Competitive Announcements.” – click that link and see all current jobs:

Overview of the Civil Service process and you will also find a link to “Tips & Techniques” here:

Deadline – 09/21/2023