Principal Planner, Subregional Planning Studies (NJTPA)

Under the direction of the Director, Long Range Planning, the Principal Planner, Subregional Planning Studies will participate in a wide variety of planning activities in support of implementing the priorities of the NJTPA Long Range Transportation Plan, Plan 2050. Planning priorities for the agency include reducing crashes, injuries, and fatalities from the transportation system, promoting accessibility and transportation equity, and promoting sustainable modes of travel. The incumbent will administer the Subregional Studies Program (SSP), coordinate with NJTPA staff in the ongoing operations of the Subregional Transportation Program (STP), and will work closely with NJDOT, NJ TRANSIT, and other stakeholders.

The SSP is a federally funded pass-through program that provides two-year grants on a competitive annual basis to the 13 counties and two cities (referred to as subregions) represented on the NJTPA Board. The program is designed to help NJTPA Subregions develop recommendations for transportation improvements consistent with the NJTPA’s long range transportation plan, Plan 2050.

This position will have lead oversight and guidance for a variety of planning studies undertaken by subregions. These studies are data driven, have extensive stakeholder and public participation, and involve implementation agencies at the municipal, regional, and state level. Studies also include components to address equity, access to economic opportunity, environmental quality, resiliency, and safety.

The incumbent will also be responsible for the program solicitation and reporting processes in accordance with federal requirements.

Additionally, the incumbent will, as requested, conduct and collaborate on a variety of planning efforts to advance NJTPA’s regional planning agenda to address priorities identified in Plan 2050.

This includes, but is not limited to, transportation and land use planning, active transportation, multimodalism, equity, and environment.

How to Apply

Deadline – 09/30/2022