Planner- GIS Specialist (Somerset County)

Responsibilities: Incumbent will support the Planning Division’s numerous planning initiatives, assist in the preparation, update and management of GIS datasets/geodatabases developed/originated and maintained by the County Planning Division. Incumbent will be responsible for research, data-gathering and data compilation, implementing enhancements to metadata and attribute tables, adding, deleting and edit records and improving the geographic accuracy of GIS features. This position will assist the Director of Planning in the implementation of County and local planning projects and programs. Incumbent will use ESRI Arc GIS, ModelBuilder and other tools to perform analyses of GIS datasets needed to complete various planning initiatives. Incumbent will prepare maps, charts and other graphics that illustrate planning concepts for use in reports, PowerPoint presentations, displays and other formats. Incumbent will utilize mapping and cartography industry standards and careful editing to ensure products are of high-quality; work with planning staff/project managers to define map content and format. Incumbent will obtain and apply the necessary GIS datasets, which may come from outside sources as well from the County Enterprise System and County Planning Division. Incumbent will utilize geo-processing and other GIS methods as needed; assist in determining and implementing project-specific map design protocols to provide consistency for projects involving multiple maps. Incumbent will apply quality assurance/quality control standards to ensure the highest quality maps are produced. Incumbent will inform and assist members of project teams in defining project tasks and timelines that require GIS data development in a timely manner. Incumbent will coordinate all aspects of the Planning Board’s annual 4-H Fair booth, including the preparation of displays. Other duties as assigned by the Director of Planning and/or the Director of Public Works.

Requirements: A minimum of an undergraduate degree in planning or a related field and specialized Geographic Information Systems (GIS) training. GIS training can be comprised of GIS Certification based on ESRI standards or the completion of progressive short-courses from beginner through advanced regarding the use of current ESRI ArcGIS Suite of products and extensions. Two (2) years of progressive work experience performing planning-related GIS data development, management and maintenance tasks, geo-processing, map preparation and electronic file management is desirable but can be substituted with relevant volunteer and/or academic experience. Experience in geodatabase management and working in a multi-user GIS environment is required. Familiarity with current GIS software and geo-data processing necessary for supporting various planning initiatives is required. Possess the ability to work independently and as part of a team and basic project management skills. Excellent written and verbal communication skills are also necessary. Familiarity with RDBMS and MS SQL-server and ESRI Web application builder is desired. Knowledge of publishing software is helpful.

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Deadline – 08/30/2019