Executive Director, Princeton Business Partnership

The Executive Director (ED) will lead the PBP to fulfill its mission to energize and enhance Princeton’s business environment. To do this, the Executive Director will

  • Coordinate efforts to promote awareness of vacancies and work to achieve a balance of desirable retail, dining, cultural, experiential & professional services
  • Work with the municipal government to improve and streamline the business permit approval process, including business friendly zoning and ordinances,
    signage, construction, etc.
  • Represent the business community in Master Plan revision discussions and provide business impact assessment
  • Work with stakeholders to address issues such as: traffic flow, parking, signage, wayfinding
  • Lead and oversee all marketing efforts that support the PBP branding, advertising, public relations, activities and event development with an emphasis on promoting the customer experience for Princeton residents and visitors
  • Maintain meaningful relationships and regular communications with the Board, PBP members, elected and appointed officials, and community stakeholders to provide information and advocacy on behalf of PBP’s members and mission
  • Develop & oversee relevant technologies to support both member communications and promotions of the PBP members & services
  • Support standing committees and implement Board directives within targeted timelines
  • Manage ongoing operations and evaluation of all PBP programs, events, and services
  • Execute administrative responsibilities
  • Procure & work with consultants (marketing, planning)
  • Plan with/ report to the Board of Directors
  • Seek out potential grant funding opportunities

Essential Qualifications

The PBP Board is looking for candidates with the following qualifications:

  • A minimum of 5 years’ experience in leading and managing business and/or economic development programs
  • Experience in the areas of non-profit & volunteer management, economic development, marketing, public relations and urban planning
  • A strong understanding of the issues confronting businesses, property owners, public agencies & community organizations
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills


The successful candidate will be prepared to “hit the ground running” with an immediate focus on expanding communications with all stakeholders and developing a strategic plan for the organization. The successful candidate must also be capable of implementing near term events and marketing initiatives and advancing efforts to achieve PBP’s planning goals.
The Executive Director of the PBP is an outstanding opportunity for a committed executive to lead and grow a well-supported SID in a dynamic community that is home to notable institutions of higher education and significant sports, entertainment, cultural and historic venues. A committed and talented Board of Directors will provide support to the Executive Director. Under the new Executive Director’s leadership and guidance, the PBP will provide outstanding services and programs to attract more people to live, work, shop and dine in Princeton.

How to Apply

Submit resume and cover letter to ahaines@merceroak.com

Deadline – 07/01/2022