Getting to Great

Getting to Great Logo“Getting to Great” is a video presentation developed by Professional Planners and sponsored by the New Jersey Chapter of the American Planning Association (APA-NJ) to offer a perspective on how good planning can help New Jersey’s communities become more prosperous and desirable places. The 23-minute presentation explores trends in the local economy, the built environment, public health and demographics to pinpoint key variables challenging our communities now and in the near future. With so many changes occurring at the local level, it is likely that many communities will need to adopt new approaches to position themselves for renewed or continued prosperity.

New Jersey’s great downtowns, streets, neighborhoods and public spaces – four essential building blocks of great communities – illustrate the results of good planning and offer valuable case studies for local officials and residents seeking to revitalize their municipalities. By following the strategies described in the presentation, you can set the framework for creation of a shared vision that responds to the issues your municipality is facing, and nurture that vision to fruition. Your community can be great! 

How to Use the Video – Download the Discussion Guide

“Getting to Great” is recommended for viewing by a wide range of audiences, including local governing bodies, boards, or commissions; nonprofit organizations; neighborhood associations or other citizens’ organizations; business owners and operators; or informal gatherings of citizens interested in local issues. In fact, anyone with an interest in the future of their community and a desire to help shape it would be a good audience. The presentation can be shown as part of a regularly scheduled meeting or featured at a special meeting reserved for this purpose.

A successful showing will allow sufficient time for attendees to reflect upon the information, consider how it coincides or conflicts with their own preconceived ideas, assess the current conditions in their community, and consider how they might proceed.