CPAP Call for Volunteer(s) for PLANewark

Seeking Planner Volunteer

APA-NJ’s Community Planning Assistance Program is seeking a volunteer planner to support community-based analysis and advocacy.

PLANewark, a group of Newark community members and the New Jersey Appleseed Public Interest Law Center, are seeking a qualified, volunteer, planning professional to testify on behalf of PLANewark on future land-use, planning, and development projects.

PLANewark (Planning and Land-use Advocates for Newark) is a coalition of individuals who live and work in Newark with a shared vision for a just city. They are fully committed to building a vibrant and reinvigorated Newark through equitable and sustainable environment, land-use, and transportation planning practices.

Often, they must testify before the various boards of the City of Newark objecting to development applications that they feel violate the City’s Master Plan and Zoning. At these hearings, PLANewark will present expert witnesses to discuss planning, zoning, and traffic issues specifically related to the application at hand. At this moment, they do not have a particular project that they need assistance with, but when the need arises, they often need to prepare responses within a short time frame. Because of this, they are seeking a volunteer planner who they may reach out to when the need arises. Ideally, respondents will be available on weekday evenings and have the following experience:

  • Land-use, planning, or traffic engineering;
  • Professional planner’s license in the state of New Jersey;
  • Testified as an expert witness before a board or court;
  • Experience analyzing zoning and planning documents to prepare legal arguments; and
  • Is committed to advancing resiliency, sustainability, and livability in urban environments.

The volunteer may be asked to work one-on-one with PLANewark members throughout Newark. Depending on the importance and knowledge on each subject, PLANewark may produce some or all of the analysis required and only ask a witness to testify for one evening hearing (or multiple if a case is adjourned or continued). However, PLANewark finds it is best that the witness collaborate with members to prepare analysis and arguments before hearings through on-site meetings or electronic communication.

If you are interested in volunteering for PLANewark or if you have any questions about this work please respond to Tom Schulze at Depending on the response, more than one volunteer may be considered.