Environmental Scientist, Planner or Engineer (D&B Engineers & Architects)

We are currently seeking an environmental scientist, planner or engineer to manage projects for our client’s environmental permitting activities in New York and northern New Jersey. The office is located in Rockland County, NY. The ideal candidate will have knowledge in permitting, environmental impact statements and assessments, planning and zoning studies and project management.

Responsibilities include: managing environmental permitting responsibilities for a variety of environmental projects including from design, through the approval process and into construction; managing and participating in the preparation of environmental studies and technical reports including environmental impact statements, environmental site assessments/investigations, planning and zoning studies, feasibility studies, wetland delineations and functional assessments, wildlife habitat evaluations and rare species surveys, storm water pollution prevention plans, etc.; draft and prepare permit applications for state and local agencies including agency consultation and follow-up; establishing and tracking project milestones in the permit/approval processes; and knowledge of major federal statutes and implementing regulations including NEPA/SEQRA, NPDES/SPDES, NHPA, etc.

How to Apply


Deadline – 07/31/2017