Assistant Director, Transit-Friendly Land Use & Development (NJ Transit)

  1. Directs the analysis, planning and implementation of NJ TRANSIT’s Transit-Friendly Land Use, Development and Planning program by assisting the Real Estate department, state and municipal efforts, private developers and other internal and external partners and stakeholders, in the preparation of economic development projects and land use plans that complement, enhance and coordinate with and strengthen NJ TRANSIT’s goals for increasing transit ridership, improving service and implementing capital investments.
  2. Serves as external liaison with federal, state, county and municipal agencies and officials on matters related to land use, community planning, development/redevelopment and policies and programs related to Smart Growth, Transit Oriented Development, Brownfields, Greyfields and Transit Villages.
  3. Directs the creation and delivery of all transit-friendly project materials and presentations by staff and/or consultants for internal and external audiences in order to achieve consensus on projects, plans and recommendations and advance passenger facility improvements in a transit-friendly manner.
  4. Directs the deployment of resources, i.e., personnel, consultants, project funding to ensure work efforts achieve desired goals and project are completed on time and within budget.
  5. Responsible for ensuring that plans developed for economic development optimize use of NJ TRANSIT’s transit services while improving the quality of life and the environment in the community.
  6. Responsible for working with State and local elected and appointed officials, businesses and the public in initiating plans for development and investment.
  7. Responsible for working with economists, urban planner, economic development specialists, developers, landowners and engineers with the goal of achieving a useful consensus on an economic development plan that is feasible and that can be implemented.

How to Apply

Resumes and salary requirements to Include reference #2018012910903

Deadline – 02/16/2018